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What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions are made with human hair that is chemically unprocessed and collected from a single donor. These high-quality extensions have never been altered by perms, dyes, bleaches, or harsh washes. That is why hair extensions made of pure virgin hair are considered some of the highest quality extensions on the market today. While affordable, cheap hair extensions can often be found on our sales page, in general, virgin hair can be quite expensive compared to the vast majority of other types of hair extensions on the market. Hair extensions that are virgin keep their natural color and gloss far longer than any other type of extension on the market because they have never been treated with the usual harsh chemicals that people often put in their hair. That is why you should always invest in virgin hair extensions when you are shopping for premium hair extensions.

Benefits of Virgin Hair Bundles and Extensions

There are many benefits to buying real hair extensions and bundles. Here are just a few of them:

When hair is processed or chemically treated, it becomes increasingly difficult to style the hair. Your stylist will experience more difficulty in straightening or curling the hair under such circumstances. Such hair may not accept new color as easily as a virgin hair does. That is why you should always opt for a virgin extension for better styling and coloring purposes. Furthermore, when the hair is chemically treated or dyed, it tends to weaken and get damaged more easily. That's why our real hair extensions are considered to be a higher quality product (especially compared to cheap synthetic materials) since they have never been damaged or weakened in such a way.

Explore Our Large Selection of Lace Front Wigs

If you are new to the world of wigs, then you might not have heard much about full lace wigs, which are also known as lace front wigs. These frontal wigs are quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of the year. So, what exactly are lace front wigs? Well, a lace front wig is a type of wig with a transparent lace along its front that rests along the forehead and follows the natural hairline. The purpose of the lace is to give the user the appearance of natural hair roots. This type of wig is incredibly popular since if it is used the right way, it looks like your natural hair and you can even style it like natural hair. Most black women also want to know how they are made. The hairs on the wig are hand tied individual onto the lace front piece to create a look that’s more natural. You can style wigs with lace fronts away from your face since the hairline is almost invisible and the scalp is visible through the mesh. It is even possible to pull the hair of the wig back or even tuck it behind the ears without the wig cap being visible, which gives you versatility as well as a highly realistic look. The lace front wig cap may also contain construction elements of other types, such as a hand tied cap, monofilament top, a classic machine-made cap, or even a cap-less style. A lace front wig will give you such a natural looking hairline that many wig wearers prefer a cap that combines the lace front with a hand tied or monofilament cap to achieve a highly realistic look with the most versatility.

Why You Should Always Buy High Quality Hair Extensions Made of Virgin Hair

The hair bundles you purchase will play a critical role in how great your new look will be. That is why the quality of the product is so important when you are shopping for hair extensions on the market. There is absolutely no better extension in the world than a virgin hair extension. If you plan to order your extensions online, it's near impossible to evaluate the quality of the hair you're considering buying without holding it in your hand and feeling it first. That's why you should always buy from a reputable virgin hair provider like Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair. Quality and customer satisfaction is our number one goal as you can read from the many online reviews we've received. So if you want luxury hair bundles of the highest quality, with outstanding sheen, then you need the virgin hair products we provide our customers here at Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair.

The Difference Between Brazilian Virgin Hair and the Other Types of Hair Extensions

There are several different types of human hair extensions on the market today such as Brazilian, Malaysian, Indian and Peruvian. These extensions come with their own characteristics to win the love of their clients. Brazilian extensions have a soft feel, ideal thickness, and are very long-lasting. These Brazilian virgin hair extensions have some of the best virgin hairs on the market today. On the other hand, Malaysian hair extensions have a better luster and shine than virgin Brazilian hair extensions. They are great for holding curls since these extensions are not oily-looking. These extensions can maintain wavy and curly styles without the need for any additional hair care products. These are some of the most important things to look for when choosing the best human hair extensions on the market.

In summary, Brazilian virgin hair bundles and extensions are made from unprocessed human hair - collected from a single donor. These extensions are not chemically treated, dyed or permed - nor have they even been. They are some of the most expensive human hair products on the market today as they last longer than all other types of hair extensions and they look amazing. If you're ready to invest in the best bundles of virgin hair on the market, then you're ready for Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair.

Why Diamond Dynasty Brazilian Hair Bundles Are So Popular

Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair offers the best virgin hair bundles and clip in hair extensions at fantastic prices. We often hear from our clients that they have fallen in love with our bundles of premium virgin hair and our bundles of Brazilian hair. And if you're looking for cheap Brazilian hair bundles, be sure to see our sales page for occasional sales. We offer lace frontals and full silk frontals, including our 360 Lace Frontal which comes in 130% density. Shop 5x5 lace closures, 8x8 lace closures, 6x6 lace closures and 13x6 lace frontals.

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Virgin Hair Company Diamond Dynasty – The Obvious Choice

Virgin hair is human hair from a single living donor that has never been chemically treated in any way. The hair was grown out by the donor without ever having been dyed or otherwise chemically processed, which means it is more versatile – easier to work with and accepts new color more readily – and has a silkier, more-natural feel.

Besides yielding the best results in extensions, virgin hair is also more durable. In general, if cared for properly, your hair extensions made of virgin hair can last up to 18 months, and Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair can last you up to two years. So, if you've been researching virgin hair companies, then you know that Diamond Dynasty is the virgin hair company that offers the best hair extensions and clip in hair extensions for the money.